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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Rules of Performance 

Here's a great article about performance. Whether your developing software in C++, VB, .NET doesn't matter, these rules still apply. It's just the tools you use that are different.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

d20 Tools 

Well, I finally started an online workspace for some d20 tools that I'm working on. I released betas of the first two: Dice Roller and Jump Calculator. And, someone signed up to join the workspace -- that's the first person to sign up. If there are any other people interested, you can join up at the link above.

Besides those two tools, I've been working on an Encounter Manager that lets GMs create and run encounters between monsters and PCs. I put in a lot of work on it already and will hopefully release an early version of it soon. You can do stuff like: create a list of PCs, create and save encounters with creatures, add treasure or calculate it randomly, printing, run encounter during game play, a digital BattleMat, and some other fun stuff. Keep an eye out for a post about it going live.

Friday, February 27, 2004

My First Entry... 

Well, this is my first blog entry. I'm a long time reader of blogs most of them work related (computer programming mostly with .NET technologies) but had not yet created my own blog. I guess I never thought I had anything interesting to share with the world. Of course, as most blogs prove, you don't actually have to have interesting things to say to share your thoughts... :)

I hope to blog about .NET related topics that I run across in my work projects and in some of the personal projects that I'm doing. That's the great thing about being a programmer -- even though you code all day for a company, you still have enough interest to spend your own time on personal projects. There aren't many other jobs in the world where that is the case. Typically, you clock out and don't think about work until the next day. It's not like a banker goes home and creates his own personal branch as a side project to try out some of his ideas. And, although there's lots of commercial software out there, programmers always seem to want to create the own programs to meet their specific needs. And, I'm no exception. I'm working on some tools for Dungeons and Dragons games. They're a vehicle for learning .NET and new coding techniques or patterns. But, they'll hopefully also be useful for other folks as well.

Also, I will probably also be writing about other topics of interest. I love playing video games, especially on my XBox. And, I play Dungeons and Dragons every couple of weeks with friends from work. We've been playing on and off for the last 10+ years. So, I might do some posting about that or rules issues/thoughts from Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Ed.

And, who knows what else I'll talk about. You'll just have to check in regularly to see...