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Thursday, March 25, 2004

GotDotNet got a Dear John Letter 

Craig Andera recently posted a "dear John" letter to GotDotNet, moving his project from GotDotNet Workspaces to SourceForge. I can appreciate some of Craig's problems with Workspaces. It's been slow and unreliable at times, but I've been trying to stick it out with a project of my own hosted there.

Hopefully Craig, GotDotNet will listen and can get some of these issues straightened out quickly -- for those of us who remain there. Who knows, if they do, they may even be able to win you back... :)

My own biggest complaint is that I can't get anything but their web UI to work when trying to access source control. There's also a WinForms and VS plug-in that's supposed to allow you to access files checked into the source control system. But, they don't work on my machine. I've traded email and forum messages with GotDotNet folks but have never been able to make it work. And, let me tell you, using their web UI, to upload and check files in and out, is VERY painful.

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