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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

BLOG: RSS Aggregators Leveling Playing Field? 

Josh makes some very good points about 'A-List Bloggers' and how news aggregators can help level the playing field between those on the 'list' and newer bloggers with interesting content.

At first glance at the title of his post, I was worried that it was going to be some rant railing against 'A-List bloggers' and how they're stealing all of his readers. But, reading through the post, Josh talks about how using RSS Bandit to get updates from 2000 feeds (Wow! that's a lot of posts), he can cover more territory than reading the blogs in IE. And, now he only reads the posts that interest him from any blogger he's signed up for, rather than always reading the same people (regardless of what they were talking about on a particular day).

I have to agree with him. Using RSS Bandit to keep tabs on all of the feeds that mildly interest me definitely lets me keep my tentacles out there and see and read more content that interests me. It works pretty well with feeds numbering in the hundreds as well as the thousands. And, I hear that some of the fancier aggregators have better productivity features to head you search and sort through the feeds. But, RSS Bandit works well for me, and it's the right price -- free!

The only drawback to this -- you still have to know a blog is out there and sign up to it. Otherwise, you may never come across it. At least not until people start referencing it.

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