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Friday, April 16, 2004

Finally Finished Quicksilver 

Traveling to and fro finally gave me enough time to finish Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson. It was a very intricate story and after about half way through, the pace of the action finally picked up. The problem with it being the first novel of a planned three book set is that's where all of the background and character development happens, so it tends to slow the pace of the book a bit.

That said, it's a sweeping epic with lots of political intrigue and a smattering of science to keep things interesting. The Natural Philosophers were an interesting group that were responsible for bringing about science as we recognize it today. I'm a big fan of Daniel Waterhouse and Jack Shaftoe, so I hope they have big parts in the upcoming books as well. But, I was expecting to see (or read) more of Isaac Newton in the novel. Overall, I enjoyed the book, but it's not for those without some perseverence (but what did you expect from a thousand page book :).

Here's a link to another review of Quicksilver by shonk.

And, it looks like good timing too, because the next book in the series, The Confusion, just came out.

Finally, I decided to add a Currently Reading section to my navigation panel to let folks know which book I might talk about next...

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