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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

BLOG: Blogger's New Features 

Well, I 've had a chance to try out a couple of Blogger's new features, and all seems to be going well so far. The new Comments feature works really well. You can set that on in the Settings tab by selecting the Comments link tab (and then updating you blog template to include the comments tags). Like other comments services, it allows your users to leave to their thoughts about your post. I like having the option to allow anyone to comment or only those that sign in. This provides a slight barrier for folks out there that just want to do bad things in the comments. Here are a couple of helpful topics on getting Blogger comments working:
Adding comments to posts
Removing old comments services

Another feature I really like is having a single page per post, which is hidden in the Archiving settings page. That way when a reader clicks on a permalink of yours (where on a webpage link or from news aggregators), they go to a page just for that post. This integrates very well with comments because all of the comments associated to that post are also shown. I like this so much, I made all of the titles on my posts hot, so they could link to the single post page.

Also, there are lots of new templates for blogs. I'm sure people on Blogger will be moving over to some of these new looks and making up even more of their own.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad -- or at least other things that I would like to see. Comments are only turned on for new posts not old ones in my blog, so readers can't go to old posts and add comments. Actually, I can turn this on if I go repost each post, but I don't have the patience for that.

Also, there is still no RSS support. We get Atom instead. I'm sure it's a fine syndication format, but my news aggregator (RssBandit) only supports RSS, so I'm left having to use a third party service to do the conversion. I really wish Blogger would allow you to post both. Dave Winer talks about this a bit on his blog, but he didn't mention that there are conversion services like 2Rss that will convert it for you.

Oh yeah, and I couple of other minor things. I really like the new Blogger image (find it in my navigation panel), but the new "I Power Blogger" tag-line has just enough marketing crud to make me want to hurl.

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