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Sunday, May 16, 2004

.NET: Deconstructing ASMX and Whitehorse preview 

Don Box goes into great detail about the benefits and shortcomings of using ASMX to develop Web Services. It's a definite read for anyone working with ASMX today.

Also, Don mentions the upcoming features in Whidbey that will alleviate some of the problems with the development model for "contract-first" development of Web Services that currently exist. He even goes so far as to call Whitehorse "a fancy ASMX contract designer". Well, that's a large over-simplification of the Whitehorse feature set, but one of its designers will allow developers to design the contract for web services and their interaction with other components, services, and applications. And, it also goes on to generate all of the ASMX and language code for them. Here's some more information about the Whitehorse features.

Well, any mention of Whitehorse is better than none at all. So, being part of the Whitehorse team, I'm glad for Don's mention.

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