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Thursday, June 17, 2004

.NET: Interesting .NET Articles to Read 

There's been quite a number of really good .NET articles that have been posted recently. I've been busy looking at some of them and decided to just link to several from a single post:

The .NET Framework contains many different types of collections. However, one that isn't part of the base class library is the Set collection. Sets allow you perform operations like Union, Intersects, and more across multiple sets. There a very good sample on Code Project that implements the Set collection.

Whidbey is going to support FTP for file upload/download through FtpWebRequest and FtpWebResponse classes.
[via Brad Abrams]

A bunch of cool new WinForms controls named the VB Power Pack were recently released on GotDotNet. The new controls include: Blend Panel, Notification Window, Utility Toolbar, Image Button, Task Frame, and more.
[via Robert Green]

Along with that, an accompanying article describing the controls was published on MSDN.
[via Duncan MacKenzie]

For those who don't know, in Visual C# 2003, you can easily implement stubs for all of the methods on an interface for a class that inherits from it.
[via Duncan MacKenzie]

And, Roy Osherove discusses an approach that you can use to limit MDI child forms to a single instance within an MDI application. Roy creates a FormLoader which knows how to reuse the single instance rather than always creating a new one.

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