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Saturday, July 31, 2004

.NET: Interesting Conversion From ASP.NET to Smart Clients 

I just read this interesting post from an ASP.NET proponent (Klaus Aschenbrenner) who is repenting his ways and seeing the benefits of smart client development with WinForms. It's good to see... :)

Not every application needs to be a web application, especially for intranet applications within an enterprise. There are many instances where a WinForms application can be more responsive and easier to implement. However, until now, deployment of WinForms applications has been difficult, but with the ClickOnce feature in Visual Studio 2005, you will be able to easily deploy WinForms applications through a published URL. The user just clicks the link and gets the application deployed down to their machine. There are still caveats, like the right version of the .NET Framework needs to that machine, but that's just a one-time hit to get installed.

But, with WinForms, ClickOnce, and additional GUI features coming in Longhorn, it looks like smarter client applications with connections to data stores and web services will become a viable option for enterprise applications -- perhaps even some applications deployed over the internet...

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