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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

.NET: More on Configuration Handlers 

After my last post on configuration, I looked into other configuration handlers and found Craig's - last config section handler you'll ever need. This is a cool handler because it maps a config section to a class in your assembly. When that section handler is parsed, your class is called to handle it. Therefore, you can create a strongly-typed class to handle reading and writing of the config section, and then use that class to access the config data at runtime.

Along with this post, I found another one by Phil Haack that extends Craig's handler (I guess it wasn't really the last one :) to provide the ability to listen to changes in the config entries, so that your class gets updated and your application can do something in response.

Both are very good examples of creating config section handlers. When I worked on some WinForms projects in the past, rather than using section handlers, I've used just a custom xml file to serialize my Config class into, but is in no way tied to config sections. I might post that as a simpler alternative for folks that don't want to deal with config handlers but do want to save application settings...

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