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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

BOOK: Dancing Barefoot 

In Dancing Barefoot, Wil Wheaton relates some stories of his life. There were a couple of tales that I found to be quite poignant -- one about visiting his aunt's house after her death and one about playing hide-and-seek with his kids. Both were quite good but for different reasons. In the first, Wil did an excellent job of describing the loss he felt. In the second, I could see myself doing the same thing on a warm summer night...

And, of course, there's the chapter on his coming to terms with his Star Trek past. This was by far the longest, and I thought the best of the stories. I always liked Wesley Crusher (I often pictured myself being the young ensign saving the day), but there were many Star Trek fans that really disliked that character (I never fully understood why). And, it appears that many of them translated that dislike into a dislike for Wil. Unfair? Oh yeah, but that was life for him at the time. Nice to see Wil has gotten over it and can now appreciate a good Star Trek convention.

The part about his first meeting with William Shatner was classic. It made you feel for Wil having to deal with being disappointed by someone he idolized. All in all interesting stories, I can't wait to start reading his next book: Just a Geek (I plan to start it tonight).

Oh, and in case you missed it (or been dead to the blogging world), Wil has a blog: http://www.wilwheaton.net.

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