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Monday, September 20, 2004

DnD: The Cast of Characters 

Our D&D group has 8 player characters with a varied set of skills:

Alkoth - 14th level Bard/Fighter/Arcane Archer (human)
Alkoth joined the party after Errol's demise and revelation that he no longer hungered for adventure. Alkoth came from the nomadic tribes northeast of Revelstone looking for the valiant heroes prophecisized as the Heroes of Revelstone. His attempts to decipher the prophecy has led him to a bard college that specializes in prophecies of all types.

He joined the party on their quests to protect the clan of the Twelve Faces from the attacks of neighboring factions.

Donal - 15th level Fighter/Rogue (human)
Donal is an agile fighter that depends more on speed and finesse than raw power. He uses his spiked chain to great effect, killing enemies before they can even get close enough to touch him. He's dabbled a bit in the roguish arts but is best known for his skills in combat.

He's currently on a side quest trying to learn about his family history. It appears that there's more to his heritage than he's been told, as a couple of distant relatives have come looking for him to discuss a strange prophecy of power that they believe is meant for their bloodline.

Garett - 15th level Rogue/Fighter (halfling)
Garett is a quick-witted rogue that at first specialized in ranged sneak attacks but has recently been moving into more melee combat. His most prized possession are his Eyes of the Night, which allowed him to finally roam throughout a dungeon without the need for light (or mage with Darkvision). His focus has been on the stealthy arts, with high ranks in move silently, hide, tumbling, spot, disable traps, etc.

He joined the Guild of the Flaming Dagger many months ago and has since created a branch guild in the town of Revelstone with a goblinoid bartender named Grummell. Recently, both decided to move their guild closer to the party's new keep in Dover. They're currently building a tavern in the village sprouting up outside of Dover.

Ellaron - 15th level Sorceror/Dragon Disciple (half-elf)
Ellaron had magic coursing through his veins even before he became a sorceror -- that was just a natural expression of his bloodlines. Only years later did he discover his father's true nature (a bronze dragon in disguise). At that point, he began tapping into his dragon abilities gaining more and more dragon attributes: natural armor, strength, natural attacks, and size. He was also able to attract a pseudo-dragon familiar.

Around that same time, Ellaron began having strangely realistic dreams about himself and the party. Only after a few encounters did he come to realize that these dreams were coming true in bits and pieces. That revelation scared him as his dreams became darker and darker.

Rock - 14th level Bard/Sorceror/Blood Magus (human)
Rock has dabbled in quite a bit but focused mainly on bard. However, his death early on in his career in a gladiatorial arena has haunted him ever since. That experience molded him into the perfect pupil to become a bloood magus. Since then, he's become a student of death and the afterlife, and a collector of blood.

The bard is best known for several ballads that he's created about the party's exploits while killing several dragons in Solace. As well as, quite a few eulogies for members of the parties have died and been raised.

Thallion - 14th level Ranger/Fighter (half-elf)
Thallion is a whirling wall of blades. He fights two handed with longsword and short sword and charges in where only fools would tread. His main abilities deal with outdoor survival, tracking, hunting, and friendly furry woodland creatures. He's building a nice cabin by the lake a couple of miles away from the party's keep in Dover.

Thallion also has the uncanny knack for dying. He survived the early levels virtually unscathed, but since achieving 10th level has died quite a few times. The first time, he was killed by a juggernaut, then a phantasmal killer in the form of a juggernaut, a fire giant, a black dragon, and who knows what will be next...

Vallan - 14th level Cleric/Barbarian/Fighter (dwarf)
Although Vallan is the party's only full-time healer, he doesn't consider himself "that" type of cleric. He's equal parts butt-kicker and healer. Although he does spread around that healing touch when the party gets into dire situations.

Vallan is a modern dwarf unencumbered by dwarvish traditions. Not only does he like to bathe, his ring of Swimming makes him a very strong swimmer. He also fancies himself a spider, climbing walls with the greatest of ease.

Zook - 14th level Wizard/Alienist (gnome)
Zook is a gnomish wizard with the knack for summoning creatures of great power just at the most inconvenient time -- or summoning weak creatures that a easily destroyed by their enemies. However, when this high level wizard finally connects, he can do quite a lot with damage from fireball or chain lightning, support spells like invisibility, cat's grace, and teleport, and monsters summoned from thin air.

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