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Thursday, October 28, 2004

BOOK: Teeth of the Tiger 

What can I say? This book just left me with an empty feeling. I remember reading my first Tom Clancy books and really enjoying them, but some time after "Debt of Honor", he lost me. Although there were another couple of decent books, as Jack Ryan moved higher into government office, the stories became harder and harder to believe. But, now that he was going back to the roots using Jack's son (Jack Jr) as a front line intelligence operative, I was hoping that he would recapture some of the magic. But, no such luck.

"The Teeth of the Tiger" was at best a mediocre book. The entire first half of the book was extremely slow and could have been effectively summed up in a single chapter about the team's training. There were some interesting dealings with terrorist plans in the US and the use of a completely covert unit to deal with terrorist organizations on their own terms. And, the way this organization was funding itself was intriguing.

But, overall, there was little suspense in the story, and it finished kind of abruptly. Let's hope this doesn't become another series of books that Clancy does about this anti-terrorist unit.

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