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Thursday, October 14, 2004

DnD: Improved Arcane Archery 

Alkoth asked to create a new feat that allows him to use his Arcane Archer special abilities more than once per day. After reviewing some other similar feats, this was the result.

Improved Arcane Archery [General]
Prerequisite: Ability to Imbue Arrow with Spell, BAB: +12, Must qualify for ability to improve.

Benefit: The character can use one selected Arcane Archer special ability two extra times per day. The character can only use these extra slots for abilities that they already qualify for.

Normal: The character can only use these abilities once per day.

Special: A character must take this feat for each Arcane Archer ability they wish to increase. But, this feat can only be taken once per ability.

So, you would take this feat for each type of ability you want to increase, like:
Improved Arcane Archery (Phase Arrow) -> gives you two extra uses of the phase arrow ability per day. This is similar to some other ability-enhancing feats in the Complete Warriors book.

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