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Friday, October 01, 2004

MISC: Fable 

I just started playing Fable on my XBox last night. It was quite a fun first 2-hour session even though it was mostly training and getting my feet wet. I'm started with an emphasis on combat and will probably become a warrior, but he game is pretty free-form, letting you pick and choose abilities from anywhere.

Whenever I play these types of computer games, I always seem to start playing with a fighter. Magic systems are always involved, so when I play the game multiple times, my second time through is usually with a wizard.

Cool stuff about Fable:
- you can pick whether to do good or evil in your quests.
- there appear to be lots of quests.
- I got my first barber card (gives you a type of haircut or shave). I got the cool-looking mustache.
- I got my first tattoo. A facial tattoo that gives me +25 to scariness. Cool.

I'm sure there will be much more intereting things once I get a little more quality time with my XBox... :)