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Monday, October 11, 2004

MISC: Finished Fable 

I had a highly "productive" weekend (if your defintion of productive includes playing XBox for many hours and watching football). I finished Fable last night. It probably took me a total of about 20 hours. And, I think I will have to play it again to see how evil I can get my character. For the first time through, I decided to play him good (but it was so hard to always do the right thing)...

More stuff I enjoyed about the game:
- Getting married was cool. In fact, I did it three times. Turns out you can have a wife in every town.
- Oh yeah, and you can have sex (after you're married).
- I bought some houses and was able to proudly display my trophies there.
- You can show the combat trophies you collect to villagers to improve your notoriety.
- The arena combats were great. Just a bunch of fights with lots of monsters continuously spawning. Make sure you bring plenty of healing...
- The final battle was a no-holds-barred 30 minutes of combat and magic, with the villian conjuring up lots of monsters to kill.

Things I didn't like:
- After defeating the main bad guy, the game ends, and you can't go back into the game world. I had some unfinished things I wanted to do.
- Once you start the last quest, you can't turn back.
- The game wasn't as long as I'd hoped (definitely not the scope of Morrowind).
- The whole imprisonment sequence was kind of dumb for a powerful hero to be subjected to.
- Last time I checked my age, I was 52. That's kind of weird because his body and face didn't seem to age. The character was pretty spry for someone in their 50s...

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