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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

MISC: At Least It's Over 

The best thing I can say about the election is that at least it's over. And, won't be dragged on indefinitely. The entire campaign has been a grueling 6 months, and I don't think I could take another few weeks of the partisans going back and forth about who should be president. President Bush winning has left me with an overwhelming feeling of, "ehhh, whatever". For the second straight election, I just can't get myself fired up over either of these candidates.

As an independent voter, the "anybody but Bush" campaign really did nothing for me. If the democrats can't offer a candidate with more appeal than that, then they deserve to lose. I'm a firm believer that the only thing that can save the US from these continual choiceless elections is the development of viable a third party that can challenge the republicrats and demopublicans. Hopefully, that will start over the next four years.

The one thing I am happy about with Bush winning is that all those celebrities can finally shut the heck up. Just because you're an actor or singer, and I'm willing to pay for your movie or music doesn't mean that I want to be force-fed your political opinions. What educational background or experience do you have that makes you a political expert? It's beyond arrogance for them to think that their opinion carries any more weight than anyone else's. Why would I care who Barbara Streisand or P. Diddy or Susan Sarandon or Eminem want me to vote for?

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